Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter

Friday, 29 April 2011

Nakajima Raiya, and my glimpse discoveries

Domo minna-san!.. :DD

Soo.. It is a Friday and I did not have school today. :D
Anyhows.. I wanted to share some very interesting stories of mine just within the last 24 hours. :DD

First.. :D Introducing Nakajima Raiya!!!.. \(>.<)/

:DD I swear, my younger sister was randomly surfing the net for new Hey!Say!JUMP news and then she randomly saw this post. :DD Nakajim Raiya is the younger brother of Hey!Say!JUMP's really awesome, cool, cute, outrageous, lively, drum player and gentle-giant hilarious unpredictable member, Nakajima Yuto. :D

Kyaa~.. :DD as far as i know they are 6 years apart and Yuto is really well attached to Raiya. :D
I really think of them as being one really cool siblings since I remember watching an episode of Shounen Club wherein Shige said that Yuto almost made him cry because of his message to Raiya back then. Yuto was already quite populer back then at that time, but he was still a junior back then. The topic i think was something like what do you love most. I remember even Ryutaro (my hamtaro >.<) being asked furthermore for his answer because he answered his mom's cooking to be the one he loves most. xD 
I remember Yuto's answer was plainly he's younger brother which then Shige called him up for, and Yuto said  a story of him and Raiya and how there was a 6 years age gap between them. If I remember correctly, Yuto would probably around 12 of age at that interview as well. And then he said something that he found his younger brother really cute, especially when he asks for his nii-chan's help.. (hontoni kawaii~ so :33)
And then Shige told Yuto to send a message to his brother atm, and I was really touched by Yuto's message to Raiya since he was apologizing to Raiya that he couldn't always be home to play with him because of work and such and that he loves him really. (hontoni kawaii~ ne?) >.<

I would look forward to looking for that video to share as well. :DD
But at the moment, Raiya is 12 years-old and has already made an appearance on television. Although, I am quite uncertain as to which agency he is under, since according to kamichan's blog, he is under Avex Planning and Development agency. So, I guess it would kind of really make people wonder as to why probably little Raiya is not in Johnny's entertainment. But none is confirmed, and personally either way, i think it is fine. Siblings don't have to be under the same company/agency name anyways, ne? Also, I'm quite interested that if Raiya is in avex, would it mean he'd like to act more than sing??. :DD Just random thoughts towards it. :DD But whichever way, I am quite glad that them as brothers are in the entertainment industry. :DD I'm sure everyone would be looking forward to seeing Raiya's different upbringings ne?. And hopefully, no comparison between him and Yuto because both of them are just simply adorable. :DD

 Yuto as a baby..:3     and Little Raiya.:DD
Ahahhaa. either way.. both of them are so kawaii~. xD Nakajima Brothers ftw! :))Ahaha. Which somehow reminds me of the Morimoto brothers in a way. :DD 


Morimoto Brothers

Ahahhaa. Although i would say these brothers are totally different from the Nakajima Brothers because for one: there was time that both of them saw each other as a rival for the other. xD and two: they are only about a couple of years apart. and third: they have a younger sister. :DD (although i'm not really sure if that counts) xD

Although, I still really love these brothers. :D Though i must say, (WHAT IS UP WITH THEIR GENES?!?!).. >.< Ahaha. Co'z apparently, i've seen Ryutaro's grow giant before my eyes when i saw a video of JUMP in 2010 and then now.. I've watched summary, and it wasn't that long that i was watching Koishite Akuma or JUMP's first concert in Tokyo Dome, then i see this suddenly grown Shintaro!.. (o.o) What is up with their genes?!??!. xD ahaha. Anyhows, I would still say good genes, good genes.. :DD Since i've seen a picture of Natsune Morimoto (their sister) and she looks like them, and she's very cute and most likely predictably to be a model with her (i would predict) upcoming growth in height. >.<

Anyhows... xD This post is getting longer than how i anticipated it to be.. xD
Then the other surprise that I saw is how i felt just right in love with a song of Jordin Sparks which i randomly listened into tv airing.. now i can't stop thinking of what fanfic one-shot i can make out of it, because it really is just something.. <3 <3 I would say it is very captivating..O:3

Oh, speaking of fanfics.. xD
I should probably start finishing up on the fanfic i did for Daiki..:DD
:)) well, then. byebye. :D

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